Affinity Diagram

Affinity Diagram. People have been grouping data into groups based on natural relationships for thousands of years; however. A UX designer might use an affinity diagram when they're searching for a group consensus.

The Quality Toolbook: Examples of Affinity Diagram
The Quality Toolbook: Examples of Affinity Diagram (Calvin Pratt)
The Affinity Diagram tool is used to consolidate a large amount of information into groupings or clusters of ideas that have a natural 'affinity', i.e., that have a common thread running through them. An affinity diagram is a way to visually group related data or concepts. Affinity diagramming is an activity used to organize research findings and design ideas.

It is one of the Seven Management and Planning Tools.

Within the PMBOK® Guide, Affinity Diagram technique used in the following processes.

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Using the Affinity Diagram to Organize Ideas

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Affinity Diagram

Affinity Diagram | PMP® Planning Tools that you should know

Summary: Affinity diagramming has long been used in business to organize large sets of ideas into clusters. It is mainly used in Project. How to do an Affinity Diagram.

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