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Sankey Diagram Tableau. This diagram will show the flow and relationship between two different elements. Pingback: Sankey Diagram in Tableau - Map Attack!

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Data + Science (Elsie Padilla)
Creating most visualizations in Tableau is intuitive but creating a sankey. I have been trying to recreate a modified Sankey based on Adam's work with the American Whiskey Viz and Beatles Analysis Viz that are found here The Sankey Diagram helps visualise a set of variables to another, showing key contributions to the overall flow of multivariate processes. A quick look around Tableau Public can often lead you to a Sankey diagram at some point.

Sankey diagrams, just like other types of information visualization, can be very confusing if there is too much There are a few different tools for creating a Sankey diagram, and Tableau is one of them.

I made Sankey Diagram in Tableau using Sample Superstore Dataset to show the flow of Sales between two.

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Data + Science

Tableau Sankey chart diagram is a visualization used to depict a flow from one set of values to another. I need to be able to distinguish between the three groups in each of the steps along the Sankey. So you are probably tired of regular old sankey diagrams.

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