Skew T Diagram

Skew T Diagram. Let's examine four of the most common. A large number of meteorological variables, indices, and atmospheric conditions can be found directly or through simple analytical procedures.

Learn to Read a Skew-T Diagram Like a Meteorologist! In ...
Learn to Read a Skew-T Diagram Like a Meteorologist! In ... (Lena Taylor)
Once the radiosonde observation is plotted, the Skew-T will show the temperature, dew point, and wind speed/direction. Until recently these diagrams could only be created by launching a balloon with a variety of instruments into the atmosphere. What I'd like to do today is explain the Skew-T to you and a simplified way, using images.

The constant temperature lines are "skewed" to the right as it goes up in altitude/pressure level.

The SkewT diagram, more formally as the SkewT-LogP diagram, is a very useful meteorological thermodynamic chart on which pressure, density, temperature, and water vapor are plotted for a point on the Earth surface up through the atmosphere.

Example skew T-log p diagram. The temperature and dew ...

Skew-T diagram in Brindisi at 1200 UTC, 28 November 2012 ...

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Learn to Read a Skew-T Diagram Like a Meteorologist! In ...

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Notice the spacing between isobars increases in the vertical (thus the name Log P). Temperatures resume a cooling trend with altitude. They graph weather balloon data to show the vertical profile of the temperature and dew point through the atmosphere.

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