Air Brake Diagram

Air Brake Diagram. As new components are introduced and their function explained, they gradually build up to a complete functioning air brake system. The potential energy of an air brake system is from compressed air.

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Using the triple-valve principle, air builds up inside the brake pipes or air lines, releasing the brakes. Diagram of air-brake components HowStuffWorks Foundation brakes are the most common air-brake systems found in trucks and buses and work the same way as in rail cars. Relays are fitted to an air braking system for larger ve.

These diagrams are provided for basic identification only.

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Actually, it's not the cold that affects the functioning ...

The Westinghouse Air Brake Company was subsequently organized to manufacture and sell Westinghouse's invention. A typical tractor brake diagram is listed below. It is lubricated and cooled by the engine lubrication and cooling systems.

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