Heater Core Hose Diagram

Heater Core Hose Diagram. Can someone send me a diagram or give me a website that can help me. When taking out the air filter box, you can see the two pipes at the back of.

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I appear to have three heater core hoses comming out of the fire wall and the odd number is XXXXX me a bit. Everything I find has heater core nipples top and bottom on my van its left and right so not sure. It's usually caused by an outside force.

TPI Heater Hose Diagram for those how need it.

Trying to find out which hose goes on which pipe.

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Since the distributor needs to be removed for replacement of the hose.http. Pull the panel under the glove. I bought new heater hoses, I have no heater hoses hooked up at all and have no idea where to connect to.

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