What Is A Phase Diagram

What Is A Phase Diagram. So what I've drawn here is a phase diagram. The lines also indicate where phase transition occur.

Ternary Phase Diagrams
Ternary Phase Diagrams (Gertrude Thompson)
It also indicates the boiling point of the compound. On the x-axis, I have temperature, and at any given point, this diagram will tell you whether you're dealing with a solid. Phase diagrams plot pressure (typically in atmospheres) versus temperature (typically in degrees Celsius or Kelvin).

Note that the axes are nonlinear and the graph is not to scale.

Triple points occur where lines of equilibrium intersect.

Phase diagram - Wikimedia Commons

What Is a Phase Diagram?

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Phase Diagrams - Chemistry LibreTexts

Phase diagrams are graphical plots that are devised to show the relationships between the various phases that appear within the system under equilibrium conditions. A phase diagram is a chart that is commonly used in the sciences, especially chemistry, to visualize the conditions under which a substances exists in a The phases addressed by a phase diagram are typically the solid, liquid, and gaseous phases. That is, in ordinary equilibrium phase diagram diamond is a metastable phase and graphite is a stable phase under low pressures.

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