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Airway Diagram. The upper airway has an important role in transporting air to the lungs. The entrance to the larynx is covered by a small flap of tissue (epiglottis) that automatically closes during.

The Respiratory System - Diagram, Structure & Function
The Respiratory System - Diagram, Structure & Function (Frederick Castillo)
Some of the questions need you to draw on it. It transmits air, liquids and solids. The pharynx is can be divided into the nasopharynx, oropharynx, and laryngopharynx.

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Both the anatomical structure of the airways and the functional properties of the mucosa, cartilages, and neural and lymphatic tissues influence the characteristics of the air that is inhaled.

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Respiratory system diagram unlabeled | Healthiack

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It is a pyramidal structure that is. To get the most benefit out of this post, print out the diagram below. In this chapter, we scope the importance of functional anatomy and physiology of the upper airway.

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