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Convection Diagram. Newton's Law of Cooling is used for both natural convection (fluid flow due to temperature induced fluid density variation) and forced convection (fluid flow caused by external forces such as wind, fans, pumps, etc.). The SkewT diagram, more formally as the SkewT-LogP diagram, is a very useful meteorological thermodynamic chart on which pressure, density, temperature, and water vapor are plotted for a point on the Earth surface up through the atmosphere..

What is Heat Transfer? — SimScale Documentation
What is Heat Transfer? — SimScale Documentation (Alexander Webb)
Convection happens when there is a difference in temperature between two parts of a liquid or gas. Convection may not occur not matter how high the CAPE is. Convection currents are present in the air- A good example of convection current is the warm air that rises towards the ceiling in your house.

Many people are familiar with it from heating their food or their houses, and it also plays a pivotal role in creating the weather conditions on the planet.

Boiling or condensing processes are also referred to as a convective heat transfer processes.

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Mantle convection and plate tectonics provide a general framework for understanding tectonophysics. A convection cell is a system in which a fluid is warmed, loses density and is forced into a region of greater density. From the level of free convection to the point where the ascending parcel again becomes colder than its surroundings the atmosphere is.

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