Diagram Of Kidney Location

Diagram Of Kidney Location. Location - look at arrow on diagram. Click now to learn more at Kenhub!

BBC - GCSE Bitesize Science - The urinary system : Revision
BBC - GCSE Bitesize Science - The urinary system : Revision (Lulu Conner)
The kidneys lie behind the peritoneum in a retroperitoneal position. Located in the abdominal cavity, kidneys are the most efficient filters. There are few organs in the body as important as the kidneys, which are responsible for filtering all the waste our body doesn't need.

Overview of the anatomy, location and function of kidneys, ureters and suprarenal glands.

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs located outside the peritoneum at the posterior of the upper abdomen.

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The inner structure of the kidney consists of a structure called hilum, which is located towards the center of the inner concave surface as a notch. Kidneys are the chief excretory organs and are mainly concerned with the excretion of urea in the form of urine. Click now to learn more at Kenhub!

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