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Loop Of Henle Diagram. Loop of Henle , long U-shaped portion of the tubule that conducts urine within each nephron of the kidney of reptiles, birds, and mammals. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools.

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The human kidney is made up of about a million nephrons, the filtering units of this complex and highly vascular organ. I need to show this in the sequence diagram. As the name would suggest, the.

But, none diagram in book or internet explain this.

This function allows production of urine that is far more concentrated than blood, limiting the amount of water needed as.

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The loop of Henle is a part of a nephron, a tiny tube inside the kidneys that filters solutes. The thick descending limbs of the loop of Henle look similar to the proximal tubule, with apical brush borders. The filtrate then travels through the ascending loop of Henle which is impermeable to water.

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