Convex Mirror Ray Diagram

Convex Mirror Ray Diagram. Incident light rays that are parallel to the principal axis will appear to come from the focal point after reflecting off the mirror. The cartesian sign convention is used here.

Curved Mirrors
Curved Mirrors (Bradley Turner)
These are:<br />Rays traveling parallel to the principal axis are reflected and. Click and drag the candle along the optic axis. The animation illustrates the ideas of magnification, of real and virtual images.

Click and drag its flame to change its size.

A convex mirror forms a virtual image.

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can you give a more clearer ray dig for convex mirrror ...

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According to my physics book, the image should be formed at C and it should be of the same size as the object. Why f and C are located behind the mirror ? Let's explore the ray tracing technique to figure out the properties of images when things are kept in front of a concave or a convex mirror.

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