Iron Phase Diagram

Iron Phase Diagram. Four invariant reactions are eutectoid, eutectic, monotectic and. Iron-carbon eutectic phase diagram, showing various forms of Fe x C y substances.

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Graphite is more stable form of carbon. It is a form of the material which has identifiable composition, structure and boundaries separating it from other phases in the material volume. An example of a phase diagram for a ternary alloy is shown for a fixed T and P below.

Therefore, iron-iron carbide diagram even though technically represents metastable conditions, can be considered as representing equilibrium changes, under conditions of relatively slow heating and cooling.

These diagrams define the regions of the stability of a phase which can exist in an alloy system under the condition of constant atmospheric pressure.

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Three significant regions can be made relative to the steel portion of the diagram. The Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram The phase diagrams are very important tools in the study of alloys for solutions of many practical problems in metallurgy. Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram The iron-carbon phase diagram is widely used to understand the different phases of steel and cast iron.

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