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Nipple Diagram. Nipple erection can be caused by cold temperature or stimulation. These ligaments run from tissue in your collarbone and chest wall throughout the breast and up.

ABS Barrel Nipple | Inch | Threaded | In Stock | Pipestock
ABS Barrel Nipple | Inch | Threaded | In Stock | Pipestock (Lilly Bridges)
The mature human female nipple has several small openings arranged radially. It's what most bra manufacturers model their designs after. It is also the site of many nerve endings.

Some women find the appearance of inverted nipples very distressing.

Areolae have glands called Montgomery's glands that secrete a lubricating oil.

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Inverted nipples are relatively common in both males and females, and nipple inversion is not a cause for concern. Nipples: The nipple is in the center of the areola. The internal profile of these nipples includes a shoulder that engages the no-go of the appropriate lock, a locking recess, and a polished bore.

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