Cousin Diagram

Cousin Diagram. Get the scoop behind kissing cousins and various other cousin relationships, and use our handy chart to find out how you and a relative are related. Draw Kinship Diagrams with online Kinship Diagram software.

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More Thoughts From New Mexico: First Cousin or Second ... (Phillip Walters)
A second cousin once removed is no longer simply an easy way to bring a new character into a period drama - they are actually a descendant of your great-grandfather and great-grandmother. In a Venn diagram, the sets are represented by shapes; usually circles or ovals. How much DNA do you share with your blood relatives?

Homophone: cozen (weak vowel merger). cousin (plural cousins).

You might also like to use the chart to work through the real-life example below of second cousins and 'once removed' cousins.

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Learn all about Venn diagrams and make. The Cousins Chart: Here's How to Finally Understand All Your Family Relationships. It is not a direct ancestor or descendant, but is a relative who shares a common ancestor.

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