Sinus Cavity Diagram

Sinus Cavity Diagram. Edraw is a new UML diagram and software diagram drawing tool. The paranasal sinuses are aerated cavities within the facial bones that serve a variety of roles, including Diagram showing the pattern of sinus development for the frontal and maxillary sinuses.

Classification of Bones
Classification of Bones (Isabella Kelly)
Other types of cells in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, including bone and cartilage cells, can also become cancer. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we did not have sinus problems to be concerned about? There are four paired sinuses - named according to the bone in which they are located - maxillary, frontal, sphenoid and ethmoid.

Ethmoid sinuses: The ethmoid sinuses are not single sacs.

The cavernous sinuses are paired dural venous sinuses.

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In common usage, "sinus" usually refers to the paranasal sinuses, which are air cavities in the cranial bones, especially those near the nose and connecting to it. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we did not have sinus problems to be concerned about? In addition to a physical examination, the following tests may be used to diagnose nasal cavity or paranasal sinus.

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