Bathtub Rough In Plumbing Diagram

Bathtub Rough In Plumbing Diagram. Bathtub drains have two legs, one to the main drain opening and the other to the overflow drain opening. DIY Tips, Projects & Advice UK.

7 Bathtub Plumbing Installation Drain Diagrams
7 Bathtub Plumbing Installation Drain Diagrams (Luke Doyle)
I've decided to hire a pro. The point is simply to get the basic. This article will get you through the initial stage of this project, the rough plumbing.

Find out how to rough-in plumbing so you can do repairs yourself or install new fixtures.

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The point is simply to get the basic. Not from any of the plumbing work but from the seal where the pvc is glued to the bottom of the metal. Every professional plumber knows two rules of plumbing, which are that water flows downhill and the paycheck comes on Friday, but for DIYers.

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