Phasor Diagram

Phasor Diagram. Move the sliders to change the amplitude. Phasor diagrams are a representation of an oscillating quantity as a vector rotating in phase space with an angular velocity equal to the angular frequency of the original trigonometric function.

Phase Relationships in AC Circuits
Phase Relationships in AC Circuits (Frances Stone)
Learn about phasor diagram, phasor circuits & AC current with the rotating vectors, & their relation A phasor is a vector that is used to represent a sinusoidal function. And at the end, voltage and current relationship between the basic circuit. The phasor diagram is a very significant factor of the power system analysis.

Phasor diagram is also known as vector diagram.

Phasor Diagrams are used in Electrical Engineering to represent the relationship of different AC signals at an instant of time.

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Phase Relationships in AC Circuits

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The bottom line: A phasor is a complex number used to represent a. At this point the concept of a constant function (a number) and a variable function (varies with time) needs to be reviewed. Phasors are the arrows rotating in the.

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