Uml Activity Diagram

Uml Activity Diagram. The round-cornered activity border may be replaced with the diagram frame. What are they, why use them, common symbols and elements, and more.

Define the application
Define the application (Adrian Abbott)
They can be used to describe business workflow or the. Some day we could try PlanUML - Daniel K. UML Activity Diagram illustrates the business and operational step-by-step workflows of components in a system and shows the overall flow of control.

What are they, why use them, common symbols and elements, and more.

Activity final nodes are shown as a solid circle with a hollow circle.

UML Activity Diagram, Design Elements

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What is Activity Diagram?

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Define the application

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Activity diagram is another important diagram in UML to describe the dynamic aspects of the system. Activity diagrams can be used in all stages of software development and for various purposes. Activity diagrams are graphical representations of workflows of stepwise activities and actions with support for choice, iteration and concurrency.

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