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Application Architecture Diagram. There are four primary levels to enterprise architecture: business, application. The Architecture diagram can help system designers and developers visualize the high-level, overall structure of their system or application to ensure the system meets their users' needs.

How to Create an Application Landscape Diagram - Dragon1
How to Create an Application Landscape Diagram - Dragon1 (Jordan Tran)
Examples by Technology or Application Domain. Explore the common web application architectures. The application consists of five basic modules, each of which interacts with other specific modules.

Explore the common web application architectures.

In information systems, applications architecture or application architecture is one of several architecture domains that form the pillars of an enterprise architecture (EA).

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This content is part of the series:Define application architectures with Rational Software Architect. The Application Architecture is a subphase of Information systems architecture a kind of bridge It enhances the application communication diagram by augmenting it with any sequencing constraints. Software Architecture & Design Introduction - The architecture of a system describes its major components, their relationships (structures), and how they interact with each other.

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