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Bat Diagram. Any nonfiction book about bats would probably work with the bat diagram page to fill-in the labels for parts of a bat. Bat - Bat - Form and function: Bats are mammals with front limbs modified for flight.

Terminology of a baseball bat. | Download Scientific Diagram
Terminology of a baseball bat. | Download Scientific Diagram (Bess Lindsey)
Included are a FREE cut and glue bat diagram and a fill-in the blank bat diagram. The best part of the bat to strike the ball is known as the "sweet spot." These graphic organizers should work well for any unit focused on bats! Just color the picture Bat boxes are designed to mimic natural bat roosts.

Balanced bats have a more even weight distribution, allowing for potentially greater swing speed for many hitters.

This very small bone, which is the upper arm equivalent of the patella, is called the ulna sesamoid.

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Senses/Diet: Bats can see, but do not use this as their primary sense. This bat house includes netting and a few other special features. Labeling a Little Brown Bat: Easy Worksheet - Labeling is already done.

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