Intake Manifold Diagram

Intake Manifold Diagram. This intake manifold is recommended for all general applications. EGR systems are used The intake manifold is the part of an engine that supplies fresh air to the cylinders.

14459AA360 - Genuine Subaru DUCT ASSY AIR INTAKE
14459AA360 - Genuine Subaru DUCT ASSY AIR INTAKE (Bryan Meyer)
Except where the superchargers or governors are used, the intake manifold is constructed so that, when the carburettor is attached to it, the mixture can reach each cylinder. As carbon builds up in the inside of the manifold over time this puts more pressure on the air doors / swirl flaps which connect to the lever, this inevitably cracks the plastic lever which is the inferior quality component. The problem is a sudden cracking of the intake manifold.

Intake manifolds constructed from cast aluminum, polymer, or fabricated from sheet aluminum.

Air intake preheat system-Bosch® CIS (Canada) Fig.

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Robin/Subaru EW140-3 Parts Diagram for Intake Manifold

Intake Manifold

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Intake Manifold

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Remove the wiring harness and bolts to get the throttle body off of the manifold. Then remove the intake manifold from the engine. If the indication of a bad intake manifold runner control was a check engine light and an accompanying trouble code, clear the engine computer after the job.

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