Connective Tissue Diagram

Connective Tissue Diagram. Histology: Connective Tissue (Development and structures). As the name suggest connective tissue is a tissue that connects the different cell and structure of the body.

Description (Sarah Cummings)
Connective tissue provides support, binds together, and protects tissues and organs of the body. Diagram of intraneural plexus enclosed in a peripheral nerve. Connective tissue makes up a variety of physical structures including, tendons, blood, cartilage, bone, adipose tissue.

Distinguish the connective tissues from all epithelial tissues on the basis of location, cell density and the.

When it comes to cell type, the cells found in.

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Connective tissue supports and binds other tissues of the body. Composition: Composed mainly of nonliving extracellular matrix that. Connective tissues, as the name implies, support and connect different tissues and organs of the body.

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