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Knee Diagram Left. The knee joint is a hinge type synovial joint, which mainly allows for flexion and extension (and a small degree of medial and lateral rotation). This photo about: Knee Diagram Left, entitled as Diagram The Left Knee Anatomy Body Diagram Knee Diagram Left - also describes Diagram The Left Knee ANATOMY BODY DIAGRAM and.

(a) Swelling of left knee in lateral side during extension ...
(a) Swelling of left knee in lateral side during extension ... (Bessie Coleman)
What is causing your knee pain? Let's start by comparing it to a structurally normal knee. Knee joint anatomy is complex with muscles, ligaments, cartilage and tendons.

Below given knee diagram will help you to understand the various parts and functioning of the knee Knee joint is one of the most important hinge joints of our body.

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Find out how the different structures fit together in our knee diagram and what can go wrong. Right and Left Human Foot Bones. It is also one of the joints that is most vulnerable to.

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