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Oral Cavity Diagram. Clinical Anatomy - Nasal Cavity and Sinuses. The oral cavity or mouth is bounded anteriorly by the lips, posteriorly by the faucial arches just anterior to the tonsils, laterally by the cheeks, superiorly by the palate, and inferiorly by the muscular floor (Fig.

27 Diagram Of Nasal Cavity - Wiring Diagram List
27 Diagram Of Nasal Cavity - Wiring Diagram List (Paul Wolfe)
The mouth's primary function is the. There is a printable worksheet available for download here so. The oral cavity is the anatomic space that forms the outer limit of the alimentary canal.

It is also called a primary oral cavity because at this time no nasal cavity yet exists.

The oral cavity spans between the oral fissure (anteriorly - the opening between the lips), and the oropharyngeal isthmus (posteriorly - the opening of the oropharynx).

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The vast majority of applicable cases are squamous cell carcinomas, but other epithelial and minor salivary. Oral cavity carcinoma staging refers to TNM staging of carcinomas involving the oral cavity. The oral cavity, which is bounded by the lips anteriorly, cheeks laterally, and the oropharynx posteriorly, encloses the tongue, palates, gums, and teeth.

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