Tape Diagram Addition

Tape Diagram Addition. Tape Diagram Addition and Subtraction Task Cards- BUNDLEPlease see the preview. The tape diagram does not do the calculations for the student, but it does make it easier for the student to see which calculations might be needed.

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems using Tape Diagrams ...
Addition and Subtraction Word Problems using Tape Diagrams ... (Joseph Lopez)
The tape diagram is a powerful model that students can use to solve various types of problems. We can describe this diagram with several different equations. How to use tape diagrams in Part-whole Model and Additive Comparison Model problems?

Then, solve for the unknown in the equation.

Click Image to Enlarge Students recall tape diagram representations of addition and multiplication relationships.

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Because of the meaning and properties of addition and multiplication, more than one equation can often be used to represent a single tape diagram. Your child will continue using tape diagrams to figure out how to solve problems third grade but with larger numbers! The models are a powerful way to organize information and simplify the problem solving process.

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