Cumulative Flow Diagram

Cumulative Flow Diagram. The start point of your project is to the left of the graph while the end point is towards the right. In this post, we understand how to read CFDs and explore best practices.

Metrics - Scaled Agile Framework
Metrics - Scaled Agile Framework (Darrell Osborne)
The Cumulative Flow diagram (CFD) provides a graphic depiction of how cards are moving through various statuses on the way to being 'Done'. Learn how to use it in Jira Software Cloud. Hence, here's my query to you -.

The Kanban Method can help teams manage their workflows more efficiently but relying on your Kanban board alone isn't going to help you achieve a stable process.

The cumulative flow diagram also highlights your project time frame along the X-axis.

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Cumulative flow diagram (CFD) shows the distribution of cards by stages. It shows us the total scope of a board, grouped by status. The cumulative flow diagram (also known as CFD) is one of the most advanced Kanban and Agile analytics charts.

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