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How To Tie A Tie Diagram. Drape the tie around your collar with the seam facing inward and the thick end on your left, two or three inches lower than your desired finishing position. Step By Step Tie A Tie Diagram.

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everyday chemistry - How do I clean a silk tie at the knot ... (Connor Hall)
To complete the knot, tie both ends of the twine in a double knot to finish. Then cross the wide end over the narrow end. Just tie the tie using a "simple knot" (aka "four in hand knot").

It's a difficult knot to tie and the process is far trickier than for tying other knots but soft shackles are very useful things, and knowing how to make your own is a handy skill.

Place tie around your neck With your collar upturned, drape the necktie around your neck so that the middle of the tie lies flush against the back of your collar, seam down.

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Set up the X, then Behind, Across, Out, and Fini. Learning how to tie a Soft Shackle Knot is an incredibly rewarding experience. The following steps will show how to tie a butcher's knot.

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