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Seafloor Spreading Diagram. To understand seafloor spreading it is first important to understand the tectonic plate theory and the different type of faults that are caused when plates come together. This idea played a pivotal role in the development of the theory of plate.

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Seafloor spreading helps explain continental drift in the theory of plate tectonics. The seafloor moves and carries continents with it. What do we really know about seafloor spreading and how ocean crust is generated at the Earth's mid-ocean ridges? seafloor spreading, theory of lithospheric evolution that holds that the ocean floors are spreading outward Sea-floor spreading is driven by crust formation along the mid-ocean ridges , meandering.

Seafloor spreading is a geologic process where there is a gradual addition of new oceanic crust in the ocean floor through a volcanic activity while moving the older.

Sea-floor spreading got off to a slow start partly because neither the Vine-Mathews nor the Mason-Raff papers showed obvious symmetry of linear magnetic anomalies across oceanic ridges.

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Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. Diagram and explanation of seafloor spreading, specifically for ocr twenty first century. Seafloor spreading is a geologic process in which tectonic plates—large slabs of Earth's lithosphere—split apart from each other.

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