Blood Vessels Diagram

Blood Vessels Diagram. Blood flows throughout the body tissues in blood vessels, via bulk flow (i.e., all constituents together and in one direction). Blood vessels are responsible for the transportation of blood , made up arteries and veins, they creates pathways for the oxygenated blood.

Blood Vessel Structure and Function | Boundless Anatomy ...
Blood Vessel Structure and Function | Boundless Anatomy ... (Hester Zimmerman)
Three types of blood vessels that make up the entire system. Blood carried by arteries is usually highly oxygenated, having just left the lungs on its way to the body's tissues. The hollow place inside of the blood vessel is called the lumen.

Blood is carried through three different types of blood vessels in the body: arteries.

Blood vessels are an integral component of the circulatory system.

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Blood vessels are hollow tubes that blood flows through. The blood moving through the circulatory system puts pressure on the walls of the blood vessels. Blood vessels - organ included in Circulatory System.

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