Triple Point Phase Diagram

Triple Point Phase Diagram. The triple point of a substance is indicated by that point on the phase diagram where the vaporisation curve, melting curve and sublimation curve intersect. Phase diagram shows evaluated triple points, critical point, and phase boundaries, as well as the experimental phase boundary pressure values.

11.7: Phase Diagrams - Chemwiki
11.7: Phase Diagrams - Chemwiki (Norman Hoffman)
So we can say the significance is the cool of Greenpoint. The triple point of water is a fixed quantity, used to define other triple point values and the kelvin unit of temperature. Triple Point of Water Phase diagram of water.

Point B occurs at the highest pressure and temperature point on the phase diagram.

General Phase diagram Triple point - the point on a phase diagram at which the three states of matter: gas, liquid, and solid coexist Critical point - the point on a phase diagram at which the substance is indistinguishable between liquid and gaseous states Phase diagram of water.

11.7: Phase Diagrams - Chemwiki

Phase Diagram for Water

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Phase Diagram Of Water Triple Point


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You can hide/show experimental data by right-clicking on the diagram. The solidus is the temperature below which the substance is stable in the solid state. If we have a substance which is at vapour-liquid equilibrium then we can reach the triple point either by decreasing the temperature or by decreasing the pressure.

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