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Bode Diagram. A Bode Plot is a useful tool that shows the gain and phase response of a given LTI system for different frequencies. Bode diagrams are graphical representations of the frequency responses and are used in solving design problems.

CTM: Frequency Response Tutorial
CTM: Frequency Response Tutorial (Gavin Grant)
If you haven't imported a prefilter, the default is a unity gain. Bode diagram: A transfer function (T. A Bode plot is a graph of the magnitude (in dB) or phase of the transfer function versus frequency.

A Bode plot is a graph used in control system engineering to determine the stability of a control system.

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Of course we can easily program the transfer function into a computer to make such plots. Bode diagram design is an interactive graphical method of modifying a compensator to achieve a specific open-loop response (loop shaping). In electrical engineering and control theory, a Bode plot /ˈboʊdi/ is a graph of the frequency response of a system.

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