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Eye Muscles Diagram. Original Editor - Aarti Sareen Top Contributors - Khloud Shreif, Aarti Sareen and Lucinda hampton. Schematic diagram of the actions of the extraocular muscles and their innervation.

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external oblique muscles | Anatomy | Pinterest | Decks ... (Andre Wheeler)
Extraocular muscles - second video in eye anatomy series. The eye divided into three layers; the outermost layer is a fibrous layer and it is consists of the cornea that is transparent located at the center of the eye, the sclera is white and covers the rest of the eye. The actions of the six muscles responsible for eye movement depend on the position of the eye at the time of muscle contraction.

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Eye Muscles (Inferior Rectus, Inferior Oblique, Superior Rectus, Levator Palpebrae superioris, Superior Oblique, Lateral Rectus, Medial Rectus). It attaches to the top of the eyeball and moves it upward. The eye - one of the most complex organisms in the human body.

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